Listen to Captured Text with VDScan

VDScan is a text scanner for iPhones, designed for people with visual impairment and dyslexia. State-of-the-art AI provides human-level text recognition and text-to-speech. Everything runs on-device to protect your privacy.

Key Features

Fast and Accurate

State-of-the-art AI recognizes text accurately even in poor lighting. Recognition is nearly instantaneous. Runs on device to protect your privacy.

Text To Speech

Captured text can be spoken out-loud using text to speech. Word highlighting on the captured image as well as plain text.

Export to PDF

Export scans as accessible PDF documents with text layer.

Beloved By All

Experts and Customers Agree: It's the Best OCR Scanner

"Spoiler alert — It will probably be the best $9.99 you’ll ever spend on a text recognition app!."

Bill Holton, AFB AccessWorld

"This is an excellect product. Very simple, easy to use…I’m sitting in a very dark room and I have no idea where everything is. I just picked up the bottle and hit capture. That is truly amazing result."

Thomas Domville, AppleVis Editorial

"Honestly people nowadays gush, and use words like love, transformative etc at times over trivial things. What you guys have done with this app for me is revolutionary and the price at £9.99 is absolutely outstanding."

Barry from Ireland

Top FAQs

Why is this app better than other scanning apps?

VDScan combines two most powerful text recognition engines in world to create the best text scanner. In our testings, no other scanner performs better. Text recognition and text-to-speech happen on device and they are blazing fast.

Why is VDScan suited for the blind?

1). VDScan plays an audible tone (ScanTone) that gets louder based on how much text is in the camera's field of vision. 2). VDScan automatically detect the orientation of the paper. 3). VDScan can immediately speak the recognized text after capture. 4). VDScan's user interface is optimized for VoiceOver.

Why is VDScan suited for people with dyslexia?

1). VDScan automatically detects the page and crops. It's possible to scanned a multi-page document in seconds. 2). VDScan speaks the recognized text while highlighting the spoken word either in the image or in plain text. 3). VDScan can export scanned pages to an accessibility PDF document.

How much does it cost?

VDScan is currently $9.99. It's an one-time cost; there is no subscription.

How do I get it?

You can download it from Apple App Store, or Apple Education Store if you're a school.

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